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Oceanside Breakers Competitive Team!

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  Note: This is only for players who have been notified of their acceptance onto a 2018/19  Breaker team.




2018/19 Youngers Competitive Fees
Birth Year/Age GroupRegistration
Volunteer (Deposit) FeeParent Meeting (Deposit)FeeTOTAL FEES OWEDDown Payment (Due 2-16)

7 Monthly Payments (March 9 through September 9)
2010$895$100$50$1,045$350 $99.30

Volunteer Deposit Fee = Option of working 10 hrs, Volunteering to the  Club and get $100 Back or Waive Volunteer work and Club Keeps $100- Sign up to Volunteer at Sign Up Genius Click Here

Parent Meeting Deposit Fee= Once Parent/Guardian Attends PCA Parent Meeting $50 will be credited back to Players account. There will be 2 different times to be able to attend PCA meeting, you only need to attend 1.  1st Meetings is on March 10. 2nd will be in Late July times TBA.

Please check Club Calendar on Website for updatesClub Calendar

Down Payment= When registering, Down payment can be paid in Full, of $350 or split up in 2 payments of $175.  1st Payment will be due on February 1st and 2nd payment of $175 is due on February 16, 2018. Total amount of $350 for down payment will be due on Feb 16,2018

Monthly Payments=If you chose to do Monthly payments after Deposit, Payments will Start on or around March 15th and monthly payments will be due each month starting in March and last payment will be due on or around September 15, 2018. All Younger age Players ( 2010-2004)  All Fees must be paid off by this date or Late Fees of $40 may incur for each month you are late.

Pay Balance in Full: If you chose to pay full balance of registration, Volunteer, & Parent Meeting fees, You will Receive a $100 Credit back to your account once full balance is paid. Please understand you must pay balance in full at time of registration.

Coast League Additional Fees: If your team is playing in Coast League. You will have an additional fee of $100 on registration, or may be added once leagues are finalized. (Your Coach or Team Manager will let you know).

Work Opportunities to pay of registration Fees=Oceanside Breakers has many opportunities for you to volunteer/work off  your player fees like no other Club in the county, if you would like during the season. With our partnership with SoCal Sports Complex, Oceanside Breakers and our families have opportunity to volunteer/work at tournaments at SoCal Sports Complex, you may look for spots to sign up  here Sign Up Genius Click Here


Competitive Uniforms