7 Time State Cup Champions & 2 Time National Cup Champions #Breakermade
Executive Board Members
Executive Board
*Don Hensel
* President
*Anthony Benvenuto
* Secretary
*Jaci Ackles

*Chrissan Hernandez

*Victor Bernal

*Ed Silva

*Elsi Gutierrez

2022 Spring Recreational Positions

Michelle Richter
Director of Recreational
Anthony Benvenuto
Director of Recreational Boys Teams
Cesar Hernandez
Director of Recreational Girls Teams
Terri Tooley
05/06/07 (D2) Boys Coordinator
Lisa Stehle
05/06/07 (D2) Girls

Victor Bernal
2008/09 (D3) Boys

Lisa Stehle
2008/09 (D3) Girls Coordinator
Michelle Richter
2010/11 (D4) Boys Coordinator
Ed Silva
2010/11 (D4) Girls

Carolann Neff
2012/13 (D5) Girls

Elsi Gutierrez
2012/13 (D5) Boys Coordinator
Ed Silva
2014/15 (D6) Boys Coordinator
Chrissan Hernandez
2014/15 (D6) Girls

Michelle Richter
2016/17 (D7)

Cesar Hernandez
Referee Assignor
Victor Bernal
Recreational Team Manager Coordinator
Rec. Uniform Coordinator
Elsi Gutierrez

2022/23 Competitive Positions

Competitive Teams Treasurer
Director of Competitive
Ashley Jolivette
Director of Competitive Financial Services/Registrar (Bilingual )
Lupe Prieto

2022/23 Club Positions

Vice President Of Operations
Jose G. Prieto
Director Of Community Relations (Sponsorship)
Miguel Barragan
Director Of Coaching
Coach Frank Zimmerman
Recreational & Competitive Picture Coordinator
Elsi Gutierrez
Director Of Field & Facilities
Jr Prieto
Social Media Coordinator
Miguel Barragan
Club Administrative Assistant
Aimee Barragan