8 Time State Cup Champions & 2 Time National Cup Champions #Breakermade

The Three C’s — Community, Camaraderie, Commitment.

Welcome to the Soccer Club of Oceanside (Known as the “Breakers”), a member of the California Youth Soccer Association which is under the direction of both US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer.

Oceanside Breakers is fast becoming a pace setter in player development and education in Southern California. Our mission statement clearly focuses all involved to “Provide an affordable, inclusive soccer environment….” one that provides every child who wants to play, the opportunity to play.

Our three C’s concept of Community, Camaraderie, and Commitment also stems from our Mission Statement. One of our top goals is to create an environment whereby children learn not only soccer skills like passing, dribbling, and shooting, but also skills for life like ‘practice makes perfect’, ‘never give up’, ‘competition and fair play’, ‘how to work on a team’, and many other one’s all in a healthy environment.

To accommodate our Mission, Oceanside Breakers keeps its fees low, has dedicated volunteers, and relies upon the Community for sponsorships and donations. Club leadership is made up of highly dedicated individuals who possess tremendous soccer experience and who are committed to developing our youth.

Oceanside Breakers is comprised of two groups. The first group represents the Breakers Recreational side of our club. It fosters parental participation in order to teach the fundamentals of soccer in a fun environment.

Two three-month seasons are held each year – one in the Spring and the other in the Fall. In all, SCO serves close to 2,000 children annually ranging from 4-5 yrs olds (Division 7) to 17-18 yrs olds (Division 1). To learn more about please click on Recreational

The second group makes up the competitive side of the club. The Breakers Competitive Program provides professionally trained soccer coaches to develop players to compete higher levels of play. These teams are selected during the spring and spend the rest of the year training and playing games around Southern California representing the City of Oceanside. Currently, there are approx 40 Breakers competitive teams from Under 8 to Under 19. To learn more please click on Competitive .

Mission Statement

To serve the community with a comprehensive, inclusive, and educational soccer program.

To provide an affordable, recreational and competitive soccer environment for all youth throughout the City of Oceanside and the surrounding communities.

To promote self esteem, good sportsmanship and positive character development for all participants in the Soccer Club of Oceanside.