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Positive Coaching Alliance, Oceanside Breakers


The Soccer Club of Oceanside has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance in an effort to continue to support the development of well-rounded, successful athletes.

The mission of Positive Coaching Alliance is to develop “Better Athletes, Better People” by working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.

The Breakers are honored to be a part of the organization and to extend their education to our parents and coaches.

Please check out their resources in the PCA Development Zone.


Resources for Parents

Kevin Eastman: Coaching From the Stands is Confusing for Athletes – (Video)updated 10/10/16

Parents, Let the Coaches Coach! – 30-second Video from Olympian Joy Fawcettupdated 5/3/16

Tips for a positive parent/coach partnership – (downloadable article) – updated 12/3/15

Finding time for family meals during a sports season (Q&A From PCA Blog – article)

For Parent: 2nd-goal parent (big picture) – (downloadable article)

How parents help youth athletes avoid burnout (video)

10 Best sports for kids w ADHD or LD

10 Tips for Sports Parents (PDF Download)

Among the items covered in these 10 tips: What to say (and not say) after the competition; Guidelines for sideline behavior; Deciding when the time is right for sport specialization; and Helping your children self-advocate in working with their coaches.