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2020/21 Competitive Fees (Updated Covid-Prorated fees)
Birth Year/Age GroupProrated Registration
Parent Meeting (Deposit)FeeTOTAL FEES OWEDDown Payment

2020/21 PREVIOUS REGISTRATION FEE (Volunteer fee included here)
2012$845$50$895$350 $1,095

Parent Meeting Deposit Fee= Once Parent/Guardian Attends PCA Parent Meeting $50 will be credited back to Players account. There will be 2 different times to be able to attend PCA meeting, you only need to attend 1.  1st Meetings will be March 7th, 2020 9:00 am-10:00 am . 2nd will be in July or early August and will be done virtually TBA.

Please check Club Calendar on Website for updatesClub Calendar

Down Payment=When registering, Down payment can be paid in Full, for younger age teams-down payment is $350 or split up in 2 payments of $175.  For olders its $400 or split payment of $200, You may split payment now and 2nd payment will be due on July 31 for all ages.  

Monthly Payments=If you chose to do Monthly payments after Deposit, Payments will Start on or around August 15, 2020  Late Fees of $40 may incur for each month you are late.

Pay Balance in Full: If you chose to pay full balance of registration, Volunteer, & Parent Meeting fees, You will Receive a $100 Credit back to your account once full balance is paid. Please understand you must pay balance in full at time of registration.

Coast League/Supper “Y” League Additional Fees: If your team is playing in Coast League and or Super “Y League. You will have an additional fee of $100 up to $300 on registration, or may be added once leagues are finalized. (Your Coach or Team Manager will let you know).