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college Fit Finder, Oceanside Breakers

oceanside breakers, college fit finder

College Fit Finder, Oceanside Breakers

Club coaches can’t stand how many players assume that because they play for a particular team/coach, that they will automatically get connected to college.

Do the vast majority of top level club coaches help with the process for their kids… of course.  But is their job to spearhead the process for the player… Absolutely not.  Let’s face it, if the kids aren’t taking ownership of their future and leaving it to someone else, they probably don’t care that much about playing college ball.

The club should simply provide tools like the College Fit Finder for their players and fill a supportive role in helping to connect their kids to college programs… but they shouldn’t be doing the work for everyone.

College Fit Finder, Oceanside Breakers

It’s pretty simple… if you aren’t taking ownership of the process, then you are doing it wrong!!!  Your Coach’s career has been over for a long time… your Director’s career has been over for a long time… it isn’t about them, this is about your future!!!

Too many players get hung up on the fact that they play for an amazing club, or they have an amazing coach, so they will automatically be recruited to college.  Well, we have news for you… it doesn’t matter what team you play for, what league you play in, or how good you think you are… if you aren’t actively developing relationships with college coaches, you probably aren’t playing college ball.  End of Story.

Here is our advice… play for a club that provides tools like the College Fit Finder, take the process seriously, be proactive in communicating with colleges, and you will be fine.