8 Time State Cup Champions & 2 Time National Cup Champions #Breakermade

Donovan has accepted a scholarship to continue his soccer career and further his education at CSU Northridge!


Thoughts from DJ:

From the day I made the decision to play at Oceanside breakers it has been a honor to be welcomed into a great community and family environment that has treated me with great times and memorial moments that will last forever. Since being with coach franks team and the brothers I go to war with day in and day out I have learned that’s family is everything and the people that push you the most to succeed are the company you need in life. This has been a great experience and memories that I would never forget. And I will be looking forward to playing D1 soccer at Cal State Northridge on a full academic scholarship and looking forward to making new memories and putting the great   Oceanside community on my back and representing the great club of Oceanside breakers. 
A quote I live by is “work hard in silence and let success make the noise” meaning that actions speak louder then words and if you work hard true success will come. 

A word from Oceanside High and Breakers Coach Frank Zimmerman:

Donovan Wilson is a nice young man, a remarkable teammate, a game changing soccer player. What strikes most people about DJ when they first see him play is his presence.  He just looks dominant on the field, and when he starts moving off the ball, combining passes with teammates & jumping for air balls, he draws even more attention!  Then of course, there are the goals… and DJ has scored some amazing and several game winning goals.  But what you don’t see or hear is the way he encourages his teammates, and usually is so positive and shows so much love toward them.  DJ makes those around him better, which is one sign of a true champion.  What will be fun for me to get to see going forward is how good he will become when he arrives at CSU Northridge and is challenged daily by the other top athletes at the NCAA Division 1 level.  I believe iron will sharpen iron and DJ will become a monster!

– Oceanside and Breakers Coach Frank Zimmerman



A word from CSU Northridge Head Coach Terry Davila:


Donovan is the type of player that fits perfectly in the midfield, as he can play well on both sides. He is athletic enough, technically and tactically sound to make an immediate impact at the college level. We are excited and honored to have Donovan. He will certainly elevate our program to the national level.

– CSU Northridge Head Coach  Terry Davila