8 Time State Cup Champions & 2 Time National Cup Champions #Breakermade

A childhood dream

It’s 7:00 am in Mexico City, your alarm goes off, and you have no need to hit snooze because you are living your childhood dream. Sound to good to be true? For former Oceanside Breakers B98, Heron Martinez, this is everyday life.

After Heron played in the Powerade Sueno Alianza National Showcase, it did not take long for the phone calls to start rolling in. Within a week of returning from Florida, Heron’s mother received their first call. Heron recalls feeling excited to be talking to these clubs, but when his favorite team wanted him to come tryout, Club America, the feeling was surreal. After a few late attempts to change his mind, Heron flew to Mexico City, to play for Club America. Heron, who can not officially sign his contract until he turns 18, (August, 2017) moved to Mexico City two weeks ago and is living his dream!

Now that Heron has settled into his apartment, he had a chance to talk to us about what it’s like to be a professional soccer player.

What is it like???

  • Oceanside Breakers (OB): Walk us through your day
  • Heron (H): I wake up, walks over to the training facilities with my roommate and have breakfast. Then we have our training session from 10-12, then gym work, shower, lunch, school work, watch movies with my roommate, and have dinner around 7pm.
  • OB: Which team do you train with?
  • H: I train mostly with the U20’s, but I get to play with the U17’s at times too.
  • OB: What do your training session consist of?
  • H: It’s cool, we have different coaches for warm-ups, strength and conditioning, and technical warm-ups. The head coach doesn’t coach us until an hour into the session.
  • OB: What do you work on every single day?
  • H: During our technical sessions, we do a lot of 1v1, 2v2, passing and shooting activities, and small sided games.
  • OB: Is there anything you found new or difficult?
  • H: The strength and conditioning is pretty tough
  • OB: What are you most comfortable with?
  • H: The small sided games; I did that a lot with Breakers and ODP
  • OB: What’s your favorite part about being a professional soccer player?
  • H: My favorite part about being here, are the training sessions. We have great facilities and coaches, so the training sessions are tough, but fun.
  • OB: Is there anything you don’t like about being there?
  • H: No, but I do miss my mom and my family.



If you would like to see, what a day at Club America is like, make sure you check out Snapchat and Instagram story, as Heron has taken over for the day!
We will continue to follow Heron’s journey of becoming a professional soccer player, so make sure you’re up to date with all things #Breakermade