8 Time State Cup Champions & 2 Time National Cup Champions #Breakermade

“Hard working, talented, and humble…It’s what she does.”


Molly Myers, Oceanside Breakers, Olympic Development ProgramMolly Myers started playing soccer at the age of 4 years old. It did not take her and her coaches long to realized she was developing quicker than other girls her age. After playing for Vista Storm for three years, Molly made the drive east to play for FC Heat in Escondido, CA. At 14, Molly faced the development situation once again. After trying out for several clubs, Molly decided to give the Oceanside Breakers a shot. From the minute she met coach Miguel Barragan and the rest of the team, she knew she had found her new home. Molly recalls it just “felt right.” Molly attributes the Coach Miguel and the Breakers for helping her develop her unique style of play, while still learning to play as a team. While Molly likes to score a lot of goals, she prefers to see her team to succeed. Molly speaks very highly of her team and coaches. She loves the community feel in Oceanside, that you can’t get everywhere you go.

Her FC Heat coach first recommended her to the Olympic Development Program (ODP). At her first showing at ODP, she did not make it past the tryout pool. Molly remembers being nervous; she didn’t really know what she was getting herself into. She was slightly intimidated by at large number of girls who already knew each other and could play together. None the less, Molly is not the type of player who backs down from a challenge. If the ODP tryouts had done anything, they had lit a fire of determination in her. Molly was determined to return the following year, for more than just a tryout. The next year, she was asked to attend the ODP summer camp in Ojai, CA. These camps help the coaches choose the top players to play in the regional ODP tournament in Arizona, which is held in December.


Becoming a Champion

During the next three years, Molly would not only be chosen to represent Cal South in the ODP Regional tournament, but she would also go on to be the leading goal scorer and was named the captain for the 2015-2016 Regional Championships. The CalSouth Pro+ G2000 team went on to win the regional championships and given the opportunity to compete in the ODP National Championships. The CalSouth Pro+ G2000, lead by Molly Meyers, won the 2016 ODP National Championships! Steve Hoffman, Cal South Director of Coaching Education & Player Development states, “Molly Myers has shown how special a player she is. I can honestly say every time she has represented CalSouth PRO+/ODP state team, she has been a leader and an inspiration to her teammates, coaches, and CalSouth.”

Molly was just asked to be part of the Cal South ODP winter players pool. She is extremely excited to get to play in her final CalSouth Pro+ season!

While winning the National title with Pro+, Molly felt there was something missing. She wanted her team. She wanted the team she had grown with, helped her develop; that never let her down, Molly wanted THEM to be champions as well! The Oceanside Breakers are well known to be the underdogs. Going into National Cup, they had a goal; to get past the thorn in their side, the round of 16. Coach Miguel had prepared the girls and knew they were ready. They blew past the round of 16 and found themselves in the championship weekend of National Cup. Molly felt loads of pressure on her shoulders. She was the captain of this team, and she expected greatness from herself, along with her teammates. After two double overtime games, both decided in penalty kicks the Oceanside Breakers were the 2016 National Cup Champions! Molly, along with the rest of the team showed that class and hard work pay off!

Molly Myers, Oceanside Breakers, Olympic Development Program

Molly Has a Bright Future

Coach Miguel says of Molly Myers, “Wow! What an exciting player to watch! Molly is a top level player with amazing technical abilities with both feet. Her explosive attacking nature if fun to watch! Molly has high soccer IQ. Her unique characteristics are her incredible determination and competitive drive. She wants to score in every game, and win every game. She has a great presence on the field and is becoming a great leader. I love how much positive influence she has on the younger girls in our club; they all want to be the next ‘Molly.’ They have fun by copying her in wearing bright headbands! Molly is at a great time in her soccer career. She is a player that will accomplish great things in the soccer world. I am privileged to have a front-row seat!”

Molly Myers, Oceanside Breakers, Olympic Development Program

Molly thanks Coach Miguel for helping her develop into the player she is. She goes on to say, “Coach Miguel is very good at taking a dynamic player to the next level.”

Molly has an incredibly bright future ahead of her. After being heavily recruited, and visiting many schools, Molly has committed to Washington State University, a Pac12, Division I soccer program!


*Fun Facts*Molly Myers, Oceanside Breakers, Olympic Development Program

● Favorite Color: (Breaker) Blue

● Favorite Food: (Pepperoni) Pizza

● Favorite Soccer Team” USWNT

● Favorite Player: Messi

● Favorite Ice Cream: Rainbow Sherbet

● Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids

● Favorite Subject: P.E.