8 Time State Cup Champions & 2 Time National Cup Champions #Breakermade

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  • Game Score Card for recreational divisions 5,4,3,2———————-DOWNLOAD


  • Parent information welcome to recreational——————————–DOWNLOAD


  • Feedback form——————————————————————————-DOWNLOAD


  • Cal South Form ( player registration or Medical Release form)—DOWNLOAD


  • Admin form————————————————————————————DOWNLOAD



Refund Policy – There are NO full refunds due to the immediate fees incurred by the club at the time of acceptance in the CORIS Program by CYSA (The Cal South Internet Registration computer program, used by all Registrars in Cal South). 

Partial refunds will be considered for those who move out of the area which is considered more than reasonable travel or for those who become ill / injured prior to February 1st in spring season and July 1st in fall season which prevents them from participating in any part of the season’s games. Refund request for illness or injury must accompany a written notification from a licensed medical provider. 

No other refunds allowed. 

All refund requests must be in writing and subject to SCO Board review and approval at monthly board meetings. Refund request must be accompanied by a request for drop in the Cal South online CORIS program; or permission in writing via email to League Registrar, to initiate release on behalf of the parent. 

Phone calls or person-to-person direct is not acknowledged as an official release or refund request. 

No one individual has authorization to approve a refund request. 

Mail refund request to: SCO, P. O. Box 5977, Oceanside, CA 92052 or 

Email to: refunds@oceansidebreakers.org. 

All refunds are subject to SCO Board approval, and the SCO Board decision is final. 

** Reasons not considered for refunds: Not receiving a requested coach, field of practice, time, or day of practice. Not receiving your requested Buddy because policy was not followed. Not being selected as an administrator. Over commitment on behalf of the player or parent and additional sports or school activities are also not valid reasons for a refund and it will not be considered.